• Writing Junit test cases can be boring job after finishing development , how about if there is tool which can do your job to write Junit test cases automatically .
  • While searching for automatic tool which can do my this job , I found diffblue and it is exactly doing my job
  • Just install one Intellij plugin and start writing new test case .
  • It helps you to write new test cases for your code and also to increase the test coverage .
  • You can easily write test cases for your controller,repository,services etc .
  • Here is small demo I deed on my laptop
  • Core Concepts (13%)
  • Multi-Container Pods (10%)
  • Pod Design (20%)
  • State Persistence (8%)
  • Configuration (18%)
  • Observability (18%)
  • Services and Networking (13%)

Dhiraj Surve

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